Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

This was definitely an "are you KIDDING me??" moment. Every year, teachers have to be observed by principals once or twice a year, and Thursday was my day. I had told my kids that the principal was coming in to watch me and that they should behave, etc. Evidently, I've had one too many people come through my room this year (this happens when they're thinking about closing you're school), because it no longer encourages better behavior in my students.

So here I am, having a wonderful discussion on Greek democracy vs. American democracy with my students with the principal observing my amazing teach ability :-) All of a sudden, to what should my wondering eyes appear, but a student cry of pain which continued on to my ear. "Mrs. Shetler!" he cries, "Chris just hit me in the eye with a pencil!!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I didn't say this, but I was in total disbelief. Sure enough, one student threw a pencil at another student facing him (as in, their desks touch), and hit him in the eye. Since I didn't actually see this happen, I have to assume this was intentional. (Luckily the pencil didn't stick in his eye, more of a glancing blow...) So, I sent the thrower to principal, sent the kid with the red eye to the nurse, got the other kids started on something democratic and proceeded to write out the referral form.

The rest of the observation went fine, but I just could not get over how unbelievable this kid is. (To be fair, every single day he does something that amazes me, but still.) Anyone else have an "are you kidding me?????" moment this week?


Ross said...
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Ross said...

*I think I need editing help. This is getting embarrassing.

I didn't have an "are you kidding me" moment yet this week, but there are a couple questions that do need answering though...

Did you send Chris to the principal on the other side of our classroom since you were being observed?
Did the two of them leave together?
In this instance, would you just look at the principal with a "will you just take this student now" face?

That's about it.

I find it funny that behavior deteriorates when an authority figure is in the classroom. You'd think students would be on their best behavior with the principal in the classroom.

D Shetler said...

Ross, you're totally right! And everyone ELSE's behavior was 110%. Usually I don't even have to tell them to behave if a principal is in the room, but this particular kid is a real piece of work. Long story on him :-)