Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here's an example of an iMovie my 7th graders have been working on. Half of the project was finding out how to do solid internet research, and the other half if learning how to create an iMovie with the images and research they did. Here's one finished example: (If it isn't clear, they got to choose their own topics. The only rule was that if they did a person, it couldn't be someone who was alive.)


David and Adele said...

I enjoyed your video it was brief and to the point. I want to find out more about Billy now. I am a principal in England and I am viewing your work to help my children with theirs.
Drop by our blog if you like.

Mr E

Dierdre said...

Glad you liked it! :-) Let me know if you'd like more info! I'd love to chat more and/or find ways to help our students connect.