Monday, May 25, 2009

You Have a WHAT?

This week was our last week of testing (finally!! yeah!!) For various reasons relating to testing, the kids had a different schedule all week. Usually, we don't allow them to go to the restrooms (other than complete emergencies) except before school and at lunch. In the morning, this is never a problem because they start class at 8:30 and leave at 10:45 for lunch.  However, during testing week, their lunch gets pushed back almost two hours, so they have to wait a lot longer to use the restroom. (I'm going somewhere with this, don't worry.) 

So, one day, as our late lunch is finally approaching, a kid tells me he has a msrlglkskakgkskkga. (This is what I heard). After about the third mumbling time, I finally make out that he's telling me he thinks he has a mrmsgmslrl infection. I finally said, "You have WHAT kind of an infection?" To which he frustratedly responds, "I think I have a flabber infection!!" I looked at him (knowing full well he really needed to use the restroom) and said, "You mean, you think you have a BLADDER infection?" He and the whole rest of the class crack up, but he must save face, so he goes on proclaiming he has a flabber :-)  That was definitely the comic relief necessary after a stressful day of testing :-)

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