Monday, June 8, 2009

An End of the Year Smile :-)

First of all, this was probably the best last week of the school year I've ever had. No one did something stupid enough to ruin my entire memory of the year or make me cry, and it wasn't totally insane with getting things done. This is partially due to the fact that the school actually gave us 2 days in which we could pack, with students there. Because we had to be out of school basically the same minute the students were on Friday, so the school could begin renovations, everything had to be packed before then, so Monday and Tuesday while the kids watched endless movies, I packed. I think this helped make it better because I wasn't mad at kids for being terrible packers. Also, we went on an awesome trip to the pool (see photo). Kids never seriously misbehave at the pool because they're so happy to be in the water :-) Best fieldtrip ever. (In my words and a student's :-)). An additional bonus is that I get a Smartboard next year, but more on that later. 

But my favorite thing was this note I received from a student on Thursday. It reads as follows: 

Thank you so much Mrs. Shetler for being there when I needed you. I thank you a lot for trying your best to help me get good grades. If you were my teacher until I was done with school I would be so happy because you would know what my name is and everything about me. And, I'm not trying to be a goody good, I'm just trying to be a nice student and trying to be myself. And, now that I had you for a teacher, I think I will respect a lot of people and care for them. I will make sure that I go to school and never forget all the stuff you taught me. I will also remember that you told me not to quit and to keep on doing good in school. Thank you Mrs. Shetler for doing a lot of stuff for me. I appreciate it so much. 


Lizzy on the Counter said...

Two things. 1.) Did you show the kids that you could tread water 72 different ways? 2.) The answer to your question is: "Yes." You are a good teacher. Your student's note is proof!
Have a good summer.

Fjaere said...

Oh my word Dierdre!! That is SO AMAZING! That is soo beautiful. Shoot, I'm going back to school right this instant to be a teacher! Talk about making every frustrating day worth it!! Oh bless that child's heart!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see and hear that understanding, acceptance, learning, has been achieved.

Congratulations, Dierdre!

Southwestern Pirate said...

So, have you stopped blogging for the summer?